Samsung BN44-00264A Power Supply / Backlight Inverter

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Warranty180-Day Warranty
Part TypeBacklight Inverter, Inverter Board, Power Supply Unit
Part NumberBN44-00264A
Part UsageLCD
MFR Part Number 1Samsung BN44-00264A
MFR Part Number 2Samsung BN44-00264B
MFR Part Number 3Samsung BN44-00264C
Board Number(s)H40F1_9SS, PSIV231I01A
Substitute PartsRebuilt-BN44-00264A, BN44-00264B, BN44-00264C, BN44-00284A, BN98-01984A, BN44-00264A Repair Kit
Panel Sticker NumberV400H1-LH3 Rev C1
Panel ManufacturerChi Mei
Notes, Comments & Additional InformationPlease order by part number whenever possible.
TV BrandsSamsung
TV Part TypesLIPS
BrandKnown models
SamsungLE40B653T5WXUA 0002
SamsungLE40B653T5WXUA 0001
SamsungLE40B653T5WXUA AA01
SamsungLE40B653T5WXUA SQ02
SamsungLE40B653T5WXRU 0002
SamsungLE40B653T5WXRU 0001
SamsungLE40B653T5WXRU AA01
SamsungLE40B653T5WXRU SQ02
SamsungLE40B653T5WXRU CN06
SamsungLE40B653T5WXCS 0002
SamsungLE40B653T5WXCS 0001
SamsungLE40B653T5WXCS AA01
SamsungLE40B653T5WXBT 0002
SamsungLE40B653T5WXBT 0001
SamsungLE40B653T5WXBT AA01
SamsungLE40B653T5WXBT SQ02
SamsungLE40B652T4WXZG AA01
SamsungLE40B652T4WXZG 0002
SamsungLE40B652T4WXZG 0001
SamsungLE40B652T4WXXU AA01
SamsungLE40B652T4WXXU 0002
SamsungLE40B652T4WXXU SQ02
SamsungLE40B652T4WXXU 0001
SamsungLE40B652T4WXXN SQ02
SamsungLE40B652T4WXXN AA01
SamsungLE40B652T4WXXN 0002
SamsungLE40B652T4WXXN 0001
SamsungLE40B652T4WXXH CN06
SamsungLE40B652T4WXXH 0002
SamsungLE40B652T4WXXH AA01
SamsungLE40B652T4WXXH 0001
SamsungLE40B652T4WXXH SQ02
SamsungLE40B652T4WXXC SQ02
SamsungLE40B652T4WXXC AA01
SamsungLE40B652T4WXXC 0002
SamsungLE40B652T4WXXC 0001
SamsungLE40B652T4WXUA SQ02
SamsungLE40B652T4WXUA AA01
SamsungLE40B652T4WXUA 0002
SamsungLE40B652T4WXUA 0001
SamsungLE40B652T4WXRU AA01
SamsungLE40B652T4WXRU 0002
SamsungLE40B652T4WXRU 0001
SamsungLE40B652T4WXBT AA01
SamsungLE40B652T4WXBT 0002
SamsungLE40B652T4WXBT 0001
SamsungLE40B652T4WXBT SQ02
SamsungLE40B652T4PXXN AA04
SamsungLE40B652T4PXXN SS06
SamsungLE40B652T4PXXN CN08
SamsungLE40B653T5WXXC 0002
SamsungLE40B653T5WXXC 0001
SamsungLE40B653T5WXXC AA01
SamsungLE40B653T5WXXC SQ02
SamsungLE40B653T5WXXC CN06
SamsungLE40B653T5WXXH 0002
SamsungLE40B653T5WXXH 0001
SamsungLE40B653T5WXXH AA01
SamsungLE40B653T5WXXH SQ02
SamsungLN40B500P3FXZA SQ01
SamsungLE40B658T5WXXE 0002
SamsungLE40B658T5WXXE 0001
SamsungLE40B658T5WXXE AA01
SamsungLE40B658T5WXXE SQ02
SamsungLE40B658T5WXXE CN06
SamsungLE40B657T4WXXE 0001
SamsungLE40B657T4WXXE 0003
SamsungLE40B657T4WXXE AA01
SamsungLE40B657T4WXXE SQ03
SamsungLE40B657T4WXXE CN06
SamsungLE40B656T3WXXE 0002
SamsungLE40B656T3WXXE 0003
SamsungLE40B656T3WXXE AA02
SamsungLE40B656T3WXXE SQ03
SamsungLE40B655T2WXXE 0002
SamsungLE40B655T2WXXE 0003
SamsungLE40B655T2WXXE AA02
SamsungLE40B655T2WXXE SQ03
SamsungLE40B653T5WXZG 0002
SamsungLE40B653T5WXZG 0001
SamsungLE40B653T5WXZG AA01
SamsungLE40B653T5WXXU 0002
SamsungLE40B653T5WXXU 0001
SamsungLE40B653T5WXXN 0002
SamsungLE40B653T5WXXN 0001
SamsungLE40B653T5WXXN AA01
SamsungLE40B653T5WXXN SQ02
SamsungLE40B651T3WXZG AA03
SamsungLE40B651T3WXZG 0003
SamsungLE40B651T3WXZG SQ04
SamsungLE40B651T3WXZG 0004
SamsungLE40B651T3WXXU SQ04
SamsungLE40B651T3WXXU 0004
SamsungLE40B651T3WXXU AA03
SamsungLE40B651T3WXXU 0003
SamsungLE40B651T3WXXN AA03
SamsungLE40B651T3WXXN 0003
SamsungLE40B651T3WXXN 0004
SamsungLE40B553M3WXXH 0003
SamsungLE40B553M3WXXH 0004
SamsungLE40B551A6WQXU CK10
SamsungLE40B551A6WQXC SQ04
SamsungLE40B551A6WXZG 0003
SamsungLE40B551A6WXZG 0004
SamsungLE40B550A5WXZG 0003
SamsungLE40B550A5WXZG 0004
SamsungLE40B550A5WXXU 0004
SamsungLE40B550A5WXXU 0003
SamsungLE40B550A5WQXU SQ04
SamsungLE40B550A5WQXC SQ04
SamsungLE40B550A5WQUA SQ04
SamsungLE40B550A5WQCS SQ04
SamsungLE40B550A5WXXC CN01
SamsungLE40B550A5WXXC 0003
SamsungLE40B550A5WXXC AA08
SamsungLE40B550A5WXXC 0004
SamsungLE40B541P7WXXU SQ05
SamsungLE40B530P7WXXU CN07
SamsungLE40B553M3WQXC SQ04
SamsungLE40B554M2WQXU SQ04
SamsungLE40B651T3WXXH AA03
SamsungLE40B651T3WXXH 0004
SamsungLE40B651T3WXXH SQ04
SamsungLE40B651T3WXXH CN06
SamsungLE40B651T3WXXH 0003
SamsungLE40B651T3WXXC CN06
SamsungLE40B651T3WXXC 0004
SamsungLE40B651T3WXXC AA03
SamsungLE40B651T3WXXC SQ04
SamsungLE40B651T3WXXC 0003
SamsungLE40B651T3PXXN AA04
SamsungLE40B651T3PXXN CN08
SamsungLE40B650T2WXZG 0004
SamsungLE40B650T2WXZG AA03
SamsungLE40B650T2WXZG 0003
SamsungLE40B650T2WXXU 0004
SamsungLE40B650T2WXXU 0003
SamsungLE40B650T2WXXU AA03
SamsungLE40B650T2WXXU CN06
SamsungLE40B650T2WXXU SQ04
SamsungLE40B650T2WXXN AA03
SamsungLE40B650T2WXXN 0004
SamsungLE40B650T2WXXN 0003
SamsungLE40B650T2WXXH 0004
SamsungLE40B650T2WXXH AA03
SamsungLE40B650T2WXXH SQ04
SamsungLE40B650T2WXXH 0003
SamsungLE40B650T2WXXH CN06
SamsungLE40B650T2WXXC 0004
SamsungLE40B650T2WXXC AA03
SamsungLE40B650T2WXXC 0003
SamsungLE40B650T2WXXC SQ04
SamsungLE40B620R3WXZG 0001
SamsungLE40B620R3WXZG CN01
SamsungLE40B620R3WXZG SS02
SamsungLE40B620R3WXXN CN01
SamsungLE40B620R3WXXN 0001
SamsungLE40B620R3WXUA SQ02
SamsungLE40B620R3WXUA CN01
SamsungLE40B620R3WXUA 0001
SamsungLE40B620R3PXZG SQ05
SamsungLE40B620R3PXZG CN01
SamsungLE40B620R3PXZG SS02
SamsungLE40B530P7WXXC SQ06

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